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Specialists in Fur, Vintage & Designer Fashion.

With bespoke Furrier & Tailoring we merge old and

new for timeless classics & sustainable fashion

We are unique.  Not only do we purchase and supply quality Vintage and Designer Fashion – we also provide a bespoke Furrier Service for quality preloved furs.


Based in The Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales we have satellite locations in London, Birmingham, Cheltenham & Devizes - coupled with our travels, customers, friends and social media we have full UK coverage.


We established in 2006, a family based business, focusing on Ladies & Gents, true vintage and contemporary fur, fashion, accessories and jewellery.  With a friendly approach, keen eye and focus on quality we soon gained a loyal and returning customers base reflecting our warm approach, service and professionalism.


Vintage & Designer Fashion, Clothing, Accessories, Handbags, Hats and Shoes are handpicked ranging from the unique non branded items right across the board to the top-end designers i.e. Chanel, Dior, YSL, Balmain, Pucci, Biba, Allen, Radley, Vuitton, Balenciaga.

Our bespoke Furrier Service is a rare find these days – we not only buy in and sell but also adjust, tailor, remodel, clean and reline preloved furs.  We only service ethically sourced vintage fur ranging from the 1910’s to the recent turn of the century. 


Our website is an insight to who we are and just samples our stock. We mostly sell to private clients, key vintage fairs and via our friends in Vintage Boutiques so the requirement to sell online is minimal and our stock is generally not advertised.  So contact us, we are likely to have it, or if not, we will know someone who does and link you directly to them.


Mink, Sable, Fox are our primary furs with consideration given to other quality and unique items i.e. Raccoon, Chinchilla, Beaver. We do not trade in fur or animal product listed as “Endangered” by the CITES as overseen in the UK by APHA – Animal Plant & Health Agency.