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  • Where do you source your fur and fashion?
    We source preloved, preowned fur and fashion, ethically through responsible and sustainable past practices.
  • Who do you buy and sell vintage fashion, fur and designer wear from?
    A confidential and complete service from a single item to complete collections: Inheritance, Probate, Solicitors, Valuations, Estate clearance. Private clients decluttering wardrobes. Families and public seeking to rehome inheritance, gifts, loved & treasured items. Charities for fashion and furs not suitable for the shop floor or web sales. Donations of items loved, treasured and needing to be ‘saved’ and reused. Theatres, Amateur Dramatics, Costume Suppliers disposal of stock.
  • What fur, fashion and accessories do you buy?
    The Vintage HQ buys and sells fashion clothes, handbags and accessories, ladies & gents, Vintage & Designer - ‘if it can be worn or carried’ we have an interest.
  • What about a label – my fur or fashion doesn’t have one?
    It’s not all about the label. Yes we all like a Chanel, Vuitton or Hermes etc but many couture and quality items are bespoke, unattributed and even homemade. We judge all on their own merits and history. Furs and Fashion have history, with an affection and fond memory attached to them. We place them to clients who in turn treasure and use them.
  • Will my items will go to a new home and be treasured, loved and worn?
    TheVintageHQ also offers a tracker service on items rehomed – previous owners may want to know the destination and use of their preloved fashion. We supply that service giving previous and future owners value and enjoyment of the items past and future.
  • Do you export internationally?
    Yes but International Buyers - Please Note - Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
  • Do you buy in internationally, from outside the UK?
    No – we only buy in products within the UK.
  • How do I sell designer fashion, accessories, and quality fur coats?
    Contact via telephone, email, whats app or social media. Assessment and valuation can be made remotely via use of imagery. Private appointments are available, with us or with you. We travel as necessary for private collections, estate clearance, probate as needed. Payment, collection of items is in person or via Tracked and Insured Courier
  • How do we get the goods to you?
    We travel as necessary for private collections, estate clearance, probate as needed. Collection of items is also via Tracked and Insured Courier Delivery to one of our satellite premises.
  • How do you sell and deliver goods to customers?
    We ship Monday through Friday via Parcelforce,UPS or FedEx. Most items are shipped within 4 business days from when the order is placed. We also deliver personally.
  • How is payment for sale of fur, fashion and accessories made if items are sold to The Vintage HQ? What payment methods to you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bank transfer and cheques.
  • How do you pay customers that sell to you?
    We pay via Paypal, Cheque, Bank Transfer, COD.
  • How to you value a fur coat or designer fashion?
    By assessing, viewing and / or imagery or visiting you. A guide to value is quickly reached allowing you to make a decision.
  • What furs do you buy and sell?
    Primarily Sable, Mink and Fox, we will consider other furs if they are also preloved, vintage, designer or unique.
  • Do you buy any fur?
    No we are not ‘we buy any fur / any fashion dot com’. We will assess any preloved and item but only deal with preloved and quality that has a provenance and is sustainable.
  • What can I do with a fur coat I have inherited?
    Sell to us or we can also adjust, remodel, restyle for you to wear.
  • How should you take care of fur?
    Cleaning, maintaining and storing vintage fur coats is not complicated and storage simple we can guide, we are here to answer any questions you may have about your existing furs or any new ones you plan to invest in.
  • How do I tell quality of a fur?
    The quality of a fur is determined by the quality of the design, the pelts and the workmanship. The design must cause a proper fit and reflect a certain look or lifestyle. The pelts must be well matched, light weight, supple and even in sheen. The workmanship must create even sewed seams and good matching.
  • What is the difference between female and male mink pelts?
    Female mink pelts are generally smaller and lighter in weight than male mink pelts. Additionally, female pelts have a high luster and are very silky and soft while male mink pelts are more dense. Each garment, whether male or female, has to be judged individually based on its own quality.
  • Can I wear my fur in the rain, sleet, and snow?
    Absolutely! Contrary to popular opinion, fur performs wonderfully in the rain, sleet, and snow. If your garment gets wet, simply let it air dry on its own by hanging it do dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or any other form of heat on your garment. Once the fur is completely dry, give it a shake and it will be perfectly ready to wear again.
  • What is the most popular fur that you sell or buy?
    Mink, Sable or Fox are the most popular fur products being versatile, dressy, short or long, light or dark coloured and suited to lifestyle and body type.
  • Are there cultural considerations in respect of preloved fur?
    Yes fur has cultural significance in some societies and indigenous communities. In these cases, fur may be used as a traditional material with deep-rooted cultural and spiritual meaning. It's essential to approach cultural considerations with sensitivity and respect, recognising the importance of preserving cultural heritage while also being mindful of ethical and environmental concerns.

A family business, in the Vale of Glamorgan we have the UK covered, with satellite premises in London, Devizes, Cheltenham, Birmingham and Derby. 

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