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Contact Us

Please use our contact buttons & details to reach us or use the form opposite for valuations.

Looking to sell sable, mink, fox or other high quality furs?

Thanks for contacting The Vintage HQ. We will be in touch shortly.

Who Buys and Sells quality fur near me? 

If it is real Fur, then we have an interest at The Vintage HQ. Our UK Furrier service is a rare find.

How do I sell a Fur coat?

Selling is a clear, simple process tailored to your needs. Contact us – via contact buttons to the top or bottom of the page, or head to the contact page. If you can attach some images, we will do the rest for you.

Do I need to travel to sell a fur?

No. Distance is no object to a quick and speedy progress.

We prefer the human touch, to meet and chat, but we can also go ahead easily by :-

  • Telephone, email, whats app and social media supported by images

  • Private appointments with us or with you.

  • We travel as necessary for private collections, estate clearance, probate.

  • Payment, collection by well established clear terms of business

We buy and sell quality sustainable Fur, from a single item through to entire collections of

clothing and accessories. Coats, Jackets, Stoles, Capes, Wraps – all clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.


Furs are often accompanied by fashion and accessories. We offer a complete service for it all - anything that can be ‘worn or carried’.

Who can you contact for help and advice to buy or sell real furs?

Our confidential services within the UK are available to public and business alike:-

  • Families rehoming inheritance, gifts, loved and treasured items.

  • Probate, Solicitors, Estate clearance, Valuation, Inheritance.

  • Charities for items not suitable for the shop floor or web sales.

  • Donations of items preloved and needing to be ‘saved’ and reused.

  • Amateur Dramatics, Theatres, Costumes Suppliers disposing of stock

Are Furs worth anything?


Yes and not just financially. Furs and Fashion may have a story and history, with affection

and fond memories embedded.

Previous owners often need and love to know their preloved fashion is rehomed and used

again. We offer a unique tracker service, giving owners past and present shared enjoyment and knowledge of the items continued use - true sustainable fashion.


And it’s not all about the label, many furs do not have one. Yes we all like a Chanel, Vuitton or Hermes etc. We judge all on their own merits and history.


Our clients and stock feature in Films, Theatre, TV, Ceremonies and even had an audience with the Queen.

So if your buying or selling, or need something repurposed, recycled, valued, reused or

donated to be saved from landfill contact or visit us.

Via APHA we are UK Cites compliant and can assist and guide if furs fall within those parameters.

A family business, in the Vale of Glamorgan we have the UK covered, with satellite premises in London, Devizes, Cheltenham, Birmingham and Derby. 

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