Wild Mink 1920s Capelet

We Buy
& sell

Vintage & Designer Pre-loved Fur

Mink, Sable & Fox


Past to Present - Classic Couture Sustainable Furs

A UK Furrier for Sustainable Fashion & Fur

We purchase, supply and find to order ethically sourced furs - with a complete Furrier service for remodelling - a unique UK service.

Vintage Pastel Mink Cape
Ocelot Furrier Fur Coat & CITES

A family business, buying and selling Classic & Contemporary pre-owned Fur Fashion - Coats, Jackets, Gilets, Capes and Wraps.


We ethically source and supply, Ladies & Gents Mink, Sable & Fox with consideration given to other unique select furs.


New clients ask “who buys fur near me” – “what do I do with my old mink coat” “where can I buy a fox coat” – from us at The Vintage HQ.


Bridgend & Cowbridge are our constant homes with presence also in London, Devizes, Birmingham, Cheltenham and Hereford.


Coupled with our client and business travels, internet, social media and internet we are truly nationwide – private appointments are available, complying with all COVID guidance.

We handpick sustainable furs - classic and quality including well-known designers i.e. Dior, Regency, Saga, Grosvenor Harrods, Marnie, Blackglama, Zwirn, Maxwell Croft.


It is not all about sales at The Vintage HQ. We love a sit down and get together. Our relaxed approach with focus on quality and detail rewards us with loyal customers, our friends.


Our web pages only dip samples some of our stock, friends and customers.


For assessments, sales and purchases we choose old fashioned offline activities, the personal touch supported by private appointments for buying or selling.


Vintage and designer clothes, handbags and accessories are also our speciality, please click through to that page.


Sustainability is core and we work with and comply with CITES and UK - APHA.